Interfaith Ghana is an international partner of Interact. We have worked with Interfaith Ghana in to order to learn about climate change abroad and why we should take local action in this country to help those who are suffering and prevent further devastation abraod and in Britain.



Founded in May 2010, Interfaith Ghana, is a youth-focused and eco-friendly non-profit organisation in Ghana that works to erase stereotypes and promote a shared understanding between people from different faiths. We believe that people respect and understand each other better when they work on social action projects that focus on the common values behind their faiths rather than their differences.


Areas Of Our Work

Currently, our work covers the following core areas:
- Faith, leadership and governance
- Faith and gender
- Faith and environment
- Faith and volunteerism

We also have a Community Support Program/Outreach once every year

To maximise the impact of our work, we also look for partnerships and collaborate with other organisations with similar or broader aims and objectives as ours.

We have collborated with the  following organisations in the past:

British Council Ghana
Commonwealth Foundation
Interfaith Action-UK
Youth Watch Action-UK
Greight Foundation
Academy of Young Writers - Ghana (AYW-G)
Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG)
Young and Wise, Ghana
Girls Empowerment Network


Interfath Ghana is a non-profit organisation funded solely with charitable contributions. It relies on contributions from individuals and organisations to fund all its activities.

Past Events

Our Interfaith Ghana Month 2010 held from 2/10/10- 27/11/10, reached some 400 young people between the ages of 13-29 from high schools, colleges and university campus, youth and religious organisations and youth in trade and skilled vocations.

The following events marked Interfaith Ghana Month 2010:

Train-Coach- Mentor Leadership Training Program for the Visually Impaired
Gender Faith Teams Event
Faith , Climate Change and Photography
Community Waste Management Training Program
Fatih in Action Volunteer Program

Current Programs (Climate Change)

Climate Change Action Tool Kit

Interfaith Ghana is currently working towards developing an action tool kit on climate change for young peope, both in English and at least one local Ghanaian language.

Green Month

Our Green Month, starting in June 2011, would see the greening of selected local communities that have no green spaces.

Faith Connect Leadership Training

This inter-faith leadership training program starting from June-December 2011, would target young people (14-26) in urban and rural communities and its aimed at creating inter-faith awareness to challenge and erase perceptions, highlight the relevance of inter-faith cooperation in addressing social issues, promote understanding between people and build leadership capacity in young people to be agents of change in their communities.

Contact us

To request additional information, Donate or Join Interfaith  Ghana, please use the following details:

The Co-Director
Interfatih Ghana
c/o P.O. Box LA 401, La Accra, Ghana, West Africa
Tel: +233 244 951 828, +233 264 140 170
Web: www.