Action is an opportunity for unlimited co-operation

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Interact believes that the best way for faiths to come together is through working together. While some faiths may have to agree to disagree about some theological points, by working together individuals discover that members of all faiths share more in common than some religious values: the wish to make a positive contribution to the community and the environment. 

Working together on community projects creates tangible benefits to the community. Real improvements also create a sense of worth and empowerment for those who brought them about.

Working in partnership also brings an opportunity for people from diffrent faith or cultural communities to get to know each other away from their faith. In times when dialogue is required, connections to other faith groups made as individuals rather than as "Christians" or "Muslims" are invaluable.

Actions speak louder than words. We believe that for people of different faiths and different cultural backgrounds to have an understanding of each other, they must have opportunities to work together, not just talk together.

Our projects represent action: real, confirmable, provable improvements in the life of a community. They show that by working together, crossing faith and cultural divides, people can be brought together to achieve a common goal beneficial to all. In doing so we try to build up tolerance of other faith groups, and show that the best and happiest community is one who works together in partnership to realise their potential.

Interact works in partnership with existing faith and voluntary groups to create opportunities for interfaith action for the benefit of the wider community.