Building understanding between faiths

Interact works to provide opportunities for young people from different faith communities and backgrounds to overcome stereotypes and prejudices to allow individual personalities to shine through and strong and secure relationships to develop. By bringing young people together for face-to-face dialogue and side-by-side action, difference can be valued and similarities appreciated. 

Our Key Values and Actions

Celebrating Diversity and Sharing Knowledge

  • Encouraging dialogue and discussion and focusing on common passions
  • Building respect for different traditions and practices through the experience of them

Developing Skills and Creativity

  • Running projects that allow young people to express themselves through innovative mediums
  • Working to reach those from disadvantaged communities to increase interaction and create opportunities for skill enhancement and providing mentoring opportunities

Encouraging Common Action for Common Good

  • Working towards common aims and focusing on shared values and beliefs
  • Developing Interfaith capital through volunteering and community action

Creating a Sustainable and Safe World for Future Generations

  • Uniting those of different faiths and backgrounds over the common goal of combating climate change and encouraging behavioural change for environmental gain
  • Working to engage the UK in global challenges and relating worldwide cultures and traditions to British communities